In this episode, Melissa Joy, CFP, ® and Aravind Sithamparapillai, explore the intersection of finance and caregiving professions. Aravind Sithamparapillai is an associate with Ironwood Wealth Management Group in Ontario, Canada. Aravind has a focus on assisting midwives in their unique financial journeys.  Midwives often work for many years with intense schedules, and it’s crucial to plan for retirement to ensure a comfortable and secure future. We’ll discuss retirement planning strategies specifically tailored to midwives, as well as discuss an intriguing analogy between midwifery-assisted birth and the process of financial planning. The parallels between these two domains of understanding the importance of trust, empathy, and communication hold true for both the midwifery and the financial planning profession.

Financial Planning for Midwives and Caregiving Professionals – Resources:

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