Divorce Financial Planning

Broken paper heart with two parents and child divorce financial planning

Life is Full of Transitions

At this time especially, you need an experienced guide. We’ll help you prioritize what’s most important and be your advocate along the way. Your future self will thank you.

We are passionate about sound financial outcomes from divorce. From analysis of your current financial situation, coordination with your legal team on money questions, and assisting you in transitioning to your new life with confidence, your Pearl Planning financial advisor can act as a guide through a difficult personal event.

What does divorce financial planning look like?

  1. Your Story. We listen to you and your story. Where are you in your divorce? What are your concerns?
  2. Sort & Organize. We help you sort through and organize your assets and understand your options for asset division.
  3. Objective Advice. You need to understand what your financial life will look like after divorce. We provide objective advice for planning.
  4. Financial Planning. We work with you to divide your accounts, update beneficiary designations, and invest your funds.
  5. Partnership. In most cases, we continue to work together over time through our financial planning process.

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