Are You a “Middle of the Road” Saver?

Are you a middle of the road saver?

Are you feeling unsure about your retirement savings? Don’t worry; you’re not alone. There are 3 categories of savers, and if you fall into the “Middle of the Road” Saver crowd, you’re in good company. Here are some traits of the “Middle of the Road” saver: 👉 Diligently contributing to your retirement accounts 👉 Snagging…

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2024 Summer Economic Update (Webinar)

Summer Economic Update Webinar

Feeling a bit overwhelmed by today’s economic ups and downs? We’ve got your back! On this Summer Economic Update webinar, we’ll break it all down for you. Melissa Joy, CFP® and Founder of Pearl Planning will be tackling some burning questions: 🔥 Inflation: Why do costs still feel high even though inflation rates are dropping?…

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Are You a “Starting Late” Saver?

Are you a starting late saver?

👩‍💼 Are you feeling way, way behind when it comes to saving for retirement? Don’t worry; you’re not alone. There are 3 categories of savers, and if you fall into the “Starting Late” Saver crowd, you have plenty of company. You might have had a setback because … 👉  You made a big move in…

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When Should You Get Serious About Saving For Retirement?

As women, we often prioritize everyone else’s needs over our own. Get over it. When it comes to retirement savings, you have to put yourself first. Nodding your head with me? Then see if you fit into one of these three groups: super savers, middle-road savers, and those getting a late start. Each have distinct…

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How to Retire Comfortably In Your 50’s: Everything You Need to Know (Webinar)

Are you worn out and wondering if you could leave your full-time job ahead of schedule? Or, do you worry about needing to retire for reasons outside of your control? Watch this webinar to learn about ways to transition into an early and comfortable retirement, no matter what inspires the lifestyle change. This webinar is…

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2024 Spring Economic Update (Webinar)

In this webinar, Pearl Planning President and Financial Advisor, Melissa Joy CFP® explores the impact of inflation, what is happening in the market this year, and how upcoming elections may impact investors. Watch and learn: The current inflation drivers and their potential impact The impact of an election year on the stock market How to…

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