Wealth Management for Real Life.

There’s no textbook or directory for your life and the same goes for your financial plan. We help you bring goals into focus, coach you through achievable steps, and give you the confidence to make financial decisions aligned with your goals.


Ready to get real? Our #52Pearls series is all about actionable steps to help you reach your goals one week at a time.

You’re Invited!

We know your calendar is crammed, but we’re always planning something that will help keep you focused on your financial goals. And if we get to give back to the community and foster some networking at the same time, all the better.

Prioritizing what’s important to you.

Overcoming your financial concerns.

We’ve got you covered.

When you feel organized and comfortable with how your money fits your life, the chaos turns to order. And we believe when you put positive effort into the world, it comes right back to you. Some call it the abundance principle, but we just call it wealth management for real life.

Nearing retirement?
We take complexity seriously.
And we can help you manage your financial life because we’ve done it for clients before. We understand the decisions you’ll face as you transition from drawing a paycheck to enjoying your well-earned retirement. We’ll help guide you to ensure your nest egg is ready when you are.
Juggling it all?
When you’re managing a family and a career, the word “busy” doesn’t cover it.
We’ve been there. We’ll take the to-do’s off your plate so you can focus on what’s most important to you.
Dealing with Divorce?
Life is full of transitions.
At this time especially, you need an experienced guide. We’ll help you prioritize what’s most important and be your advocate along the way. Your future self will thank you.
Want your money to make a difference?
We’ll help you align your portfolio with your personal values.
Our ESG investors want to make a difference on the environment, social issues, and the government. It’s about putting your money where you find meaning.

No Grit. No Pearl.

If you think about a pearl, it starts with a grain of sand. An irritation transforms into something beautiful. A pearl.  We see this same idea transpire into the work we do with our clients.  Money and finances are rarely perfect and sometimes the frustration and irritation comes from needing to organize and connect the dots.

There’s a legacy behind it for us: A woman born in 1920 and a girl in 2013 both share the name Pearl and remind us of the wisdom of the past, while we look toward the promise of the future.

The kind of planning we do at Pearl isn’t something precious to be put on the shelf. It is relevant to your life, no matter where you live. We see strength and beauty in financial planning and we want to share that possibility with you.

Our Team

Upcoming Events
Mar 05

Women’s Financial Workshop

March 5 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
79 Kercheval Avenue
79 Kercheval Avenue
Grosse Pointe Farms MI 48236
Mar 08

International Women’s Day

March 8 @ 1:30 pm - 4:00 pm
3728 Plaza Drive Suite #5
Ann Arbor Michigan 48108

Melissa Joy’s Awards & Recognition

2017 and 2018 Working Mother Magazine & SHOOK Research: “Top Wealth Advisor Moms” – Melissa Joy