2020 Travel Planning

 In Financial Planning

Melissa Joy sat down with Beth Johnston from Orenda Travel to discuss 2020 travel trends. We cover destinations, budgeting, planning, multi-generational travel, and some of our favorite themes. Our video is ready for you to listen to on-demand at your leisure as you dream of where you’ll go next.

Here’s a breakdown of the conversation:

[00:01] Welcome + Introduction

[00:30] Beth Johnston of Orenda Travel background

[02:30] Agenda Overview

[03:10] How do you decide where to go?

[08:53] Tips on budgeting time & money for travel

[20:13] Elements of Travel Planning

[24:43] Helpful tips & resources

[29:10] Travel in Retirement

[35:00] Travel Trends in 2020

[39:40] Why Work with a Travel Professional?

[47:17] Resources

[47:34] Contact Information+ Thank you!

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