House Decisions for aging parents with Caroline Gaynor

Dealing with the challenges of safe and appropriate housing for aging parents with a diminished capacity can be extraordinarily challenging. Our guest today is Caroline Gaynor, an investment professional at Avantis. Caroline has personally experienced the need to help her mom change her home, first to Caroline’s house and then to an assisted living facility.

Caroline shares her personal story of how, as she prepared to have her first child, she needed to move her mom into her house. And how she made decisions along the way for both her mom and her financial life. In the end, a financial advisor helped to navigate the complexity of what was right.

Listen in to hear Caroline’s vulnerability and the obstacles she met along the way. How hers and her mom’s quality of life has improved with the ultimate decision for her mom to move into a care facility. Learn how instrumental the family financial advisor was in deciding what was appropriate. And find the silver linings that Caroline feels were blessings in the years that her mom lived with her family.

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