Our March webinar focused on Living the Next Phase of Life on purpose. The presentation covered topics including the evolution of the new third box, the importance of a vision, developing a vision, and the next steps. Melissa Joy CFP® founder of Pearl Planning joined with Jim Craft founder of Southill, LLC to present this 50- minute informative webinar.

If you missed our webinar, no problem, we’ve got a recording for you. Even better…here’s a cheat sheet of highlights of the webinar with the minute in the video so you can fast forward if your time is limited.

[2:34] The Next Phase of Life: The Key Issues

[4:23] Part 1: The evolution of the New Third Box

[4:53] The Three Boxes of Life

[8:19] Traditional Retirement: Fall off the Cliff

[8:58] The Next Phase of Life: New Rules

[11:42] The Four Boxes of Life- A new Third Box

[13:36] The New Third Box: The Long Side

[14:07] The Next Phase of Life: The operative Phase

[17:29] Part 2: The importance of a Vision

[26:49] The Theory of Lego Blocks

[30:07] Part 3: Developing a Vision

[33:54] Part 4: Next Steps

[45:02] Q&A

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