With the recent U.S election alongside 2018 being an eventful year in investments we wanted to share with you our current market thoughts. Melissa Joy of Pearl Planning hosted a webinar this month breaking down the election results in relation to market trends.

If you missed our webinar, no problem, we’ve got a recording for you. It’s a quick review of markets and if you listen to the whole thing, it’s just 13 minutes of your time. Even better…here’s a cheat sheet of highlights of the webinar with the minute in the video so you can fast forward if your time is limited.

[:46] Overview of November’s election results
[2:28] Look at the typical performance of markets during mid-term election year
[3:38] Breaking down the period following a mid-term election
[4:27] A look at performance investment markets so far this year
[6:06] Bond market conditions
[8:03] US economy and corporate earnings
[8:52] Inflation and wage pressures
[9:35] When and when not to adjust your portfolio
[10:22] Six market trends and how the may impact you

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