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2023 Summer Economic Update and Investment Outlook Webinar

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Inflation Reduction Act

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Melissa Joy, CFP®, CDFA®, Named Investopedia Top Financial Advisors of 2022

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Episode 124: Teaching Children Financial Responsibility Through Chores

Is Time Running out on Getting Your Qualified Domestic Relations Order?

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Opening Multiple 529s per Beneficiary: A Guide to Help You Get Started

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Tax Loss Harvesting – A Guide for Making the Most of a Down Market

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Breakdown of New Michigan Tax Law Impacting Pass-Through Businesses

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Making the Most of Charitable Giving with a Donor Advised Fund

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Episode 95:Get Your House in Order for Aging with Kristie Kindstrom

Episode 94: Tips for the Next Generation From a Financially Responsible Millennial with Ashley Mont

5 Smart Holiday Spending Tips

Episode 93: Keeping Holiday Spending in Check with Melissa Fradenburg

Am I Eligible for a Mega Backdoor Roth IRA Contribution?

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2021 Year-End Tax and Financial Planning [WEBINAR REPLAY]

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Should I Buy I Bonds Now?

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7 Year-End Financial Planning Moves

Episode 89: Money Issues in Relationships with Lynn Walsh

Episode 88: Mortgage Options in Retirement with Nathan Steiner

Utilizing your NQSOs to Help you Meet Your Goals

Episode 87: How to Talk to Your Kids About Money

Maximizing the Benefits of your Incentive Stock Options (ISOs)

Episode 86: Demystifying the FAFSA Form with Ann Garcia

2021 Fall Economic Update and Investment Outlook [WEBINAR REPLAY]

How Will My Qualified Employee Stock Purchase Plan Impact My Taxes?

Episode 85: Qualified Domestic Relation Orders with Sharee Burkel

Medicare: What You Need to Know [WEBINAR REPLAY]

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Episode 83: What Proposed Tax Changes Could Mean for You with Hannah Near

Episode 82: Benefit Options for Open Enrollment with Adam Wadie

House Democrat Tax Proposal: What You Need to Know

Episode 81: Building a Work Life You Love as a Mom with Kelli Anderson

Episode 80: Common Mistakes In Estate Planning with Chiara Mattieson

Episode 79: Winning Resumes with Brooke Kent

Episode 78: Top 5 Financial Tips

Episode 77: Preparing an Employee for a Company IPO with Danika Waddell

2021 Summer Economic Update and Investment Outlook [WEBINAR REPLAY]

Episode 76: Improving Your Net Worth with Alexa Kane

Episode 75: Financial Issues in Divorce with Anthony Urbani II J.D. and Jennifer Adlhoch

Episode 74: Financial Planning for Emerging Entrepreneurs with Anna N’Jie-Konte

Episode 73: Budgeting with Karen Dybis

Episode 72: Buying a Home in a Seller’s Market with Shana Sine Cameron

Episode 71: Claims and Coverage Options for Water Damage with Joe Tiberi

Episode 70: Social Justice Investments with Maya Philipson

The Money Smart Charitable Giving Webinar REPLAY

Women We Love Wednesday- Episode 20 Guest Melissa Fradenburg

Episode 69: The Secrets to Happiness at Work with Dr. Tracy Brower

Episode 68: Financial Planning Considerations for Americans Working Abroad with Marina Hernández

Episode 67: Life Insurance with Alexa Kane

Episode 66: College Planning with Jill Carr

You’ve Inherited, Now What?

Episode 65: Human Rights and Investing with Perth Tolle

How to Do a Backdoor Roth IRA Contribution

Episode 64: Motherhood, Money, and Making Space for Selfcare with Erica Galvan

Episode 63: Finding Your Worth with Amalia Miralrio

Episode 62: What to Look for in a Financial Advisor (Guest Podcast)

How to Talk to Your Kids About Money

Episode 61: Financial Life Planning with Dan Boyce

Episode 60: Understanding Prenuptial Agreements with Jennifer Lawrence

Episode 59: Inheritance Mistakes with Cathy Curtis

Episode 58: Fitness and Financial Habits with Sarah Jelinek

The 3 Money Conversations to Have With Your Kids

Episode 57: Getting Over Fears of Talking About Money by Lindsay Bryan-Podvin

Episode 56: Mortgage Options in Divorce with Nathan Steiner

The American Rescue Plan of 2021 [VIDEO]

Episode 55: ESG Investing with Kalita Blessing

Selecting the Right Retirement Plan for Your Business

Episode 54: Business Ownership with Chris Cooper

Episode 53: BEST OF 52 Pearls with Melissa Joy and Melissa Fradenburg

Episode 52: Tax Considerations in Divorce with Jamie Wilkerson Majni

Episode 51: Humble Beginnings to Financial Success Dr. David Rhoiney

Important Information for the 2020 Tax Season

Episode 50: Gen Z Disruption with Julia Carreon

What You Should Do If You Think Taxes Are Going Up

Episode 49: Visualizing Retirement with Stuart Ritter

2021 Economic Update and Investment Outlook – Webinar Replay

Alexa Kane – Pearl Planning Bio

Episode 48: Financial Therapy with Nate Astle

Episode 47: Comparison is the Thief of Joy with Cherisa Allen

Episode 46: Equity Compensation with Rachel Elson

Setting and Achieving Financial Goals

Episode 45: Legal Documents for Families with Kids with Ashley Waddell Tingstand

Episode 44: Making Big Financial Decisions with Casey Snyder

Episode 43: Emotions and Money with Kathy Longo

Episode 42: Year-End Tax and Financial Planning with Alexa Kane

Episode 41: Understanding Spousal Support in Divorce with Peter Bissett

Year End Financial Planning: Your Resource Guide

2020 Year-End Tax and Financial Planning Webinar Replay

10 Ideas for Giving

Important Financial Numbers for 2021

Episode 40: Holiday Spending with Karen Dybis

Episode 39: Attributes of Wealthy People with Sarah Boston and Karen Coyne

Episode 38: Getting Top Dollar for your Listing with Jennifer Adlhoch

Social Security Decisions for Retirement Success

Episode 37: Refine Your Networking Prowess with Laura Webb

Fairy Tales and Finance

Episode 36: Gen X Finances with Stephanie Vaught

[WEBINAR] Medicare 2021: What you need to know

Episode 35: Women Investors with Tommi Johnsen & Elisabetta Basilico

Episode 34: Money Talk for College Students with Stacy Miller

Episode 33: Charitable Giving with Laura Brownfield

Episode 32: How to Tackle Open Enrollment

Is It the Right Time to Refinance?

Episode 31: Financial Things We Wish We Knew in Our 20s

Episode 30: Medicare with Joanne Giardini-Russell

Episode 29: Student Loan Strategies with Catalina Kaiyoorawongs

Five Financial Things To Do Before Year-End

Episode 28: Five Financial Things to do Before Year End

Episode 27: Owning Your Money Story with Eugenie George

Episode 26: Pivoting your Business Mindset during COVID-19 with Megan Gunnell

Episode 25: Bridging Wealth and Income Equality with Camille York

Retirement Readiness in Times of Uncertainty

Episode 24: Opportunities for Young High Earners with Asad Gorani

Episode 23: Small Giants Values with Hamsa Daher

Episode 22: Financial Considerations for Women in Divorce

Summer Investment Update

Episode 21: Collaborative Divorce with Alisa Peskin-Shepherd

Episode 20: Zingerman’s Visioning for Uncertain Times with Elnian Gilbert

Episode 18: QDROs in Divorce with Sharee Burkel

Episode 17: Conquering Financial Shame with Christine Luken

Episode 16: Closing the Racial and Gender Wealth Gap with Renee Baker

Episode 15: What is Financial Planning?

Episode 14: Financial Perspective During Coronavirus with Dan Boyce

Episode 13: Mortgage Decisions During Divorce with Erica Powers

Important Financial Considerations for Michigan No-Fault Insurance Reform

Episode 12: College Decisions During COVID-19 with Amy McVeigh

Episode 11: All about Medicare issues during COVID-19

Episode 10: Using Gratitude for an Abundant Money Mindset During Covid-19 with Dawn Starks

Melissa Joy Guest on “Financial Finesse” Podcast

Episode 9: What should I do with my 401k?

Episode 8: Retirement Investing in Bear Markets with Ashby Daniels

Episode 7: Understanding Bankruptcy

Economic Update & Investment Outlook Webinar

Episode 6: COVID-19 and Estate Planning with Joan Skrzyniarz

Episode 5: Technology Adaptations in the Age of Covid-19 with Bill McManus

Episode 4: Cares Act Relief for Individuals

Brave-by-Design Episode 22: Empowering Women’s Financial Future

Episode 3: CARES Act Relief for Small Business Owners

Episode 2: Focus on What You Can Control

5 Predictions for Our Post-Coronavirus Future

Intro & Week 1: Map your financial goals

Remembering Uncle Jack: Living in the Moment While Taking Care of Your Future

What Should I Do with My 401k Right Now?

Melissa Fradenburg Joins Pearl Planning

Economic Outlook & CARES ACT

Webinar Recap: Virtual Meditation Transforming Fear into Freedom

Now is the right time for a financial plan

Financial Wellness in a Bear Market

CARES Act Resource Guide

Managing Your Money Through Uncertainty

What Bear Markets Have Taught Me

Coronavirus Correction: What Investors Need to Know

2020 Travel Planning

Important Information for the 2020 Tax Season

Overcoming Financial Anxiety: Webinar Recap

Why the New Little Women Offers Great Financial Lessons for Your Daughters

New Year, New You— Maybe Not?

4 Tips on Holiday Budgeting for a Less Stressful New Year

Make Good Decisions With Your Inheritance: Webinar Recap

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Health & Wealth

Will My Michigan Pension be Taxed?

The ABC’s Of Social Security & Medicare: Webinar Recap

Our Favorite Dexter Fall Traditions

2020 Medicare: What you need to know

Webinar Recap: When Tragedy Strikes: A Widows Guide To Financial Decisions

August 2019 Investment Update: Muddling Through a Temperamental Market

Anticipating the SECURE Act: What Should You Know?

How to Talk to your Kids About Money: Webinar Recap

US Women’s World Cup: Investing and Life Lessons

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Money Savage Podcast

5 Thoughts On Markets & Money Today

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Podcast Alert: Melissa’s Guest appearance on “Fresh Off the Vine Podcast”

Actionable Steps for Taxes

ESG Webinar Recap

Living the Next Phase of Life on purpose Webinar Recap

My Annual Winter Capitulation and a Lesson for Investing

Why I Don’t Predict Market Returns

Health Care and Longevity Webinar Recap

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Tax-Smart Charitable Giving Webinar Recap

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