Opening Multiple 529s per Beneficiary: A Guide to Help You Get Started

Pearl Planning Opening Multiple 529s per Beneficiary- A Guide to Help you Get Started

529 plans are a strategy that many use to save for a loved one’s college education. Although most people are familiar with the benefits of a 529 plan, there are some lesser-known benefits of having multiple 529 plans for one child. For many, simplification of their investment strategy is their number one goal. If this…

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Episode 103: How Aspiring Physicians Can Manage Student Loans

52 Pearls: Weekly Money Wisdom

Tyler Olson is a financial planner for medical professionals and their families as they transition out of their training. He is also a business and investment educator and the host of the Money Mediator podcast and the owner of Olson Consulting, LLC. Tyler joins the show today to discuss how to evaluate a decision to…

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Episode 87: How to Talk to Your Kids About Money

Episode 87: How to Talk to Your Kids About Money with Jackie Fradenburg

In this episode, Melissa Fradenburg and her daughter Jackie discuss ways to talk with your kids about money. Jackie will share how she learned about money and why she is a good saver. Melissa will ask Jackie a series of questions that can help parents have meaningful conversations about money as well as instill good…

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Episode 85: Qualified Domestic Relation Orders with Sharee Burkel

Episode 85: How to Talk to Your Kids About Money with Jackie Fradenburg

Melissa Joy, CFP® is joined by Sharee Burkel, the owner of the QDRO Company, LLC, a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioner, Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA®), and Certified QDRO Specialist™. In this episode they discuss Qualified Domestic Relation Order (aka QDRO) in simple and easy to understand terms. If you need to divide retirement assets in…

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